[ Remote ] Webcam, WebViewer.exe, RTSP - 20160906

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[ Remote ] Webcam, WebViewer.exe, RTSP - 20160906

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Unable to use Edge in Windows 10 for remote viewing and IE isn't supported in IE. What should I do?

Answer: You can try the following.

1. Use Google Chrome's or Edge's WebViewer but for limited acces only Live view or Remote Playback.
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2. Use RTSP

If you are trying to connect to IP camera with non-IE platform, you can try to reach the RTSP streaming from IP Camera for your Live View.
To Use RTSP video streaming protocol: You can enable the RTSP video streaming from each of IP camera web-interface.
To check and enable, you can login to the camera page to manage the RTSP.

Navigate to [Event and Alerts] > [RTSP] > [Activate Link] to enable it.
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And then, to use RTSP command URL in your program/client,
please refer the document: [Camera Firmware Manual] > [Appendix: D. RTSP Protocol Command]
rtsp://<IP of the GV-IP Speed Dome:8554/<CH No.>.sdp
For example, [rtsp://]
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