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[ AS Hardware ] CS1320, Two-Factor Authentication with AI FR - 20220816

Posted: August 16th, 2022, 2:05 pm
by Lex
How to enable Two-Factor Authentication (Card + Face) with CS1320 and AI FR?

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Once the connection between the AI FR, CS1320 and ASManager is established, enable the Two-Factor-Authentication option on the CS1320 Extended Reader Configuration page.

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When a registered face is detected with the Two-Factor Authentication option enabled, the CS1320 will beep once and it’s green LED will flash for 10 seconds, during which the user must swipe the corresponding access card on the CS1320 for the face and card to be authenticated and for the door to open.

If the user swipes their card first on the CS1320 without their face having been recognized or, if a recognized face and card swipe are mismatched, an Access Denied: Mismatch message will be shown on the ASManager Access log.

If an unregistered face is detected, the CS1320 will beep twice and flash it's red LED, an Access Denied: Invalid Card message will be shown on the ASManager Access log with the card number 000-00000.

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[ UVS - 202208024004 ] ASManager, CS1320/CR1320/AI FR two factor authentication