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[Technical Notice] GV-FER5702 Integration on GV-Recording Server and Image Display dewarp Issues on GV-VMS/ERM

Posted: May 10th, 2022, 3:05 pm
by amber
Article ID: GV3-22-06-01-A
Release Date: June 1, 2022

Applied to
  • GV-FER5702
  • GV-VMS V17.4.5
  • GV-VMS V18.3.0
  • GV-Recording Server V2.0.2
  • GV-Edge Recording Manager V2.0.0 to V2.2.0
  1. When displaying GV-FER5702 image on GV-VMS / GV-Edge Recording Manager, the following issues occur:
    • Chances of incorrect image alignment displayed when GV-FER5702 is reconnected after being disconnected
    • Chances of fisheye de-warping images failure, displaying a “Disconnected” message on GV-FER5702 channels when disconnected and reconnected
  2. GV-Recording Server does not yet integrate and support for GV-FER5702 connection.
  1. To fix the image display issues of GV-FER5702 on GV-VMS / GV-Edge Recording Manager, install the following files:
  2. Install the following GV-Recording Server patch file for GV-FER5702 integration on GV-Recording Server: