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[Patch] Remote Viewlog V16.20.0.4 - Recording server backup playback, panel resolution, channel error, failover fix

Posted: October 6th, 2021, 7:56 am
by support
GV-Remote Viewlog V16.20.0.4 Patch information.

1. Failure to play back the recordings of GV-Recording Server V2.0, which are backed up through GV-Remote ViewLog, using EZViewLog500.exe (Remote Viewlog V16.20.0.1)
2. Failure to change panel resolution on GV-Remote ViewLog (Remote Viewlog V16.20.0.2)
3. Chances of retrieving the incorrect number of camera channels when backing up from a host through GV-Remote ViewLog (Remote Viewlog V16.20.0.3)
4. GV-Remote ViewLog error after re-connecting to GV-Failover Server

*Note the Patch Files prefixed V16.20 are intended only for GV-Remote ViewLog V16.20 and cannot be used to update other versions of GV-Remote

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