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[Technical Notice] Motion Recording and Some Critical Issues of GV-Recording Server V2.0.0

Posted: April 23rd, 2021, 5:19 pm
by joycechang

Article ID: GV2-21-04-23
Released Date: 04/23/20121

Applied to
GV-Recording Server V2.0.0

The following two patches have resolved motion recording and some critical issues of GV-Recording Server V2.0.0. Before applying the two patches,
  • Make sure the version of your GV-Recording Server is V2.0.0. If not, upgrade your software version to V2.0.0.
  • It is required to apply Patch V2.0.0.4 first and then Patch V2.0.0.8. Violating the order may cause errors.

Patch V2.0.0.4
  • Chances of not receiving the events of hardware motion detection from the following IP camera models: GV-ABL / ADR / AVD / EBD / TBL / TDR / TVD series, GV-SD2322-IR / 2722-IR / 3732-IR
  • Issue of playback moving backwards with videos recorded on GV-Recording Server
  • Playback failure after running for a period of time using Remote ViewLog
Download: Patch download

Patch V2.0.0.8
Chances of not recording motion events when using software motion detection (the Use Camera Motion Detection to Reduce the Server Load option is disabled)
Motion recording.png
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Download: Patch download