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[ LPR ] LPR Plugin v5.1.2, IOBOX4E, I/O BOX, RU9003, two readers trigger same output, LPR - 20200116

Posted: January 16th, 2020, 5:14 pm
by Frank
When set two readers that connected to same I/O Box 4E through Wiegand A and B to two different Output, only Output 1 will be triggered no matter which reader you swipe. For detailed structure, please refer to the following screenshot.

Please note that LPR Plugin v5.1.2 recognized Wiegand A and B as one input (Same Lane). Therefore, only one output will be triggered. In next version, Wiegand A and B will be recognized as two different inputs (Two different Lanes), in order to trigger their matching Outputs.
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[ VVS - 201912255001 ] IOBOX4E, LPR plugin, trigger one output only