[ Remote ] "Trial Version" text appears, Mobile Server - 20190626

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[ Remote ] "Trial Version" text appears, Mobile Server - 20190626

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Over the live views of GV-IP Camera In the VMS v17.1.0.100, "Trial Version" text appears after Mobile Server v1.5.0.0 is installed.
It looks like VMS considers GV-IP Camera 3rd party IP Camera.

To be clear, it's not a bug but a common issue when 2 S/W share some files with the same names and the files of the later-installed S/W would replace the counterpart of the former-installed one. In this case, the files from later-installed S/W was actually were not up to date. Thereby, it confused VMS.

Reinstall VMS by executing VMS (the newest version at the time) installer.
Note that for VMS from v15.1 onwards, please install Mobile Server first, then install VMS

[ UVS - 201904187003 ] VMS v17.1.0.100 with v17.1.0.20 patch, not working with Mobile Server v1.5.0.0, EFER3700, FER12203
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