[Technical Notice] Compatible Antivirus Software with GeoVision Software

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[Technical Notice] Compatible Antivirus Software with GeoVision Software

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Article ID: GV1-13-07-10-k
Released Date: 07/10/2013

Applied to
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We have tested and approved the industry’s top 13 brands of antivirus software to be compatible with GV-Software. See the charts below for further information.
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When you launch the GV-Software, some antivirus software may pop-up warning messages, claiming GV-Software to be harmful. If you incorrectly block the GV-Software based on the pop-up message, the GV-Software will not function normally.

Take F-Secure anti-virus for example, the software may pop up a message like the one below to warn you against accessing the GV-Software. Select the option that continues to the GV-Software in this case.
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