[Technical Notice] Solution to GV-DVR / VMS LPR’s Inability to Identify GV-LPR Capture Dongle

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[Technical Notice] Solution to GV-DVR / VMS LPR’s Inability to Identify GV-LPR Capture Dongle

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Article ID: GV4-17-01-26-a
Released Date: 02/02/2017

Applied to
GV-LPR Capture Dongle

In some cases, GV-DVR LPR and GV-VMS LPR cannot recognize GV-LPR Capture Dongle after it is used over a period of time. Under such circumstances, GV-ASManager cannot identify license plates.
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  1. In GV-DVR / VMS
    If your GV-LPR Capture Dongle is not properly identified, you will see LPR Dongle Capture Only as displayed below.
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    To access the information, select Configure, Video Analysis, and License Plate Recognition in GV-DVR or Toolbar, Tools, and License Plate Recognition in GV-VMS.
  2. Using GeoVision USB Key Upgrade Client

    Run GVUsbKeyUpClient.exe (V1.4.7.1) in your GV-DVR / VMS folder and select the USB key you are checking. The pop-up message Can’t load key(s) signifies the abnormality of your dongle.
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Download Link

Download the zip file from here and decompress it to obtain four files. Among them, GVUsbKeyUpClient.exe (V1.4.7.1) and GeoRecogProcess.dll (V5.1.0.0) will be used in the later two sections.

Note: Right-click on GVUsbKeyUpClient.exe (V1.4.7.1) and GeoRecogProcess.dll (V5.1.0.0), and select Properties and Details to get the version numbers of these two files.
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With GVUsbKeyUpClient.exe (V1.4.7.1), users can diagnose the issue of GV-LPR Capture Dongle by following the steps below.
  1. Run the new GVUsbKeyUpClient.exe (V1.4.7.1) and select the USB key.
    • If the message Can’t load key(s) remains, please contact your sales representative for RMA process.
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    • If the property of the USB key is shown, it indicates that you can proceed with the following solution to fix the problem.
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  2. Close GeoVision USB Key Upgrade Client.
  3. Close Control Center Service by selecting Network, Control Center Server, and Control Center Service in GV-DVR or Toolbar, Network, Control Center Server, and Control Center Service in GV-VMS.
  4. Close GV-DVR / VMS.
Follow the steps below and use GeoRecogProcess.dll (V5.1.0.0) to solve the issue.
  1. Replace GeoRecogProcess.dll with the new GeoRecogProcess.dll (V5.1.0.0) in GV-DVR / VMS folder.
  2. Run GV-DVR / VMS.
  3. The number of ports in the GV-LPR Capture Dongle can be identified, as illustrated below.
    Screenshot_7.jpg (32.43 KiB) Viewed 1651 times
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