[ AS Hardware ] New Tag (TID) not working with my RFID reader? - 20180705

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[ AS Hardware ] New Tag (TID) not working with my RFID reader? - 20180705

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My tag is not working with my AS1520 controller, what should I check?
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The tag type is defined as TID and therefore AS1520 needs to be configured.

1. Please login into the AS1520 interface and change the setup of Function Configuration:
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2. once you confirmed the setup is done(close window and relogin again to confirm)
Be sure you power unplug to power on again to reboot(no software reboot)
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if you wish to add one card, you can right click at this invaild card event and select add/edit cards:
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PS: if you are testing, be sure you set the Input to Disable to make the AS1520 read the tag without checking input sensor.
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