[ AS Hardware ] Concerns for access card cloning - 20180705

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[ AS Hardware ] Concerns for access card cloning - 20180705

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Applied to GV-AS ID Cards and GV-AS ID Key Fobs.

Hackers using MIFARE security flaws to sneak through access control systems has long been an unresolved issue. A customer reported that the mainstream card copiers can be exploited in minutes to clone any formatted access cards, including GV-AS ID Cards and GV-AS ID Key Fobs, due to the vulnerabilities inherent in MIFARE smart card chips.

To help minimize the threat of card cloning in your access control system, all cardholders must take necessary precautions to protect their cards from unauthorized access. If a card is lost or stolen, notify the issuing office immediately to deactivate the missing card.

Moreover, multi-factor authentication adds a second layer of security by further validating the cardholder’s identity. When using a card together with another verification method, such as a password, fingerprint or facial recognition, the access will be denied despite presenting the forged card to the reader.

Another best practice involves installing GV-IP cameras to record and monitor access events of card fraud occurring at doors.

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