[ ASManager ] Mobile card, transfer to next employee - 20220317

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[ ASManager ] Mobile card, transfer to next employee - 20220317

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If they have revoked a QR code due to terminating an employee, how do they assign this mobile card to another or new employee? Since employees may come and leave often, we assume customers can configure it in our software, rather than calling us for a new license.

In general, we just create a new QR code to the new employees. However, in your case, this process will be a bit of complicated. Firstable, you will need to ask resigned staff to do the QR code backup in his phone. ( You may see more detail information on Page 28 of QR1352 User Manual as link below. )

QR1352 User Manual download link:
https://s3.amazonaws.com/geovision_down ... Manual.pdf

Secondly, new employee needs to scan resigned staff's backup QR code in his phone for virtual card transferation. Lastly, administrator needs to go to ASManager then changes this QR code information to the current new employee, such as Name, address, photo…etc.
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