[ SNVR ] SNVR1611, TDR4702, image orientation - 20220209

GV-SNVR0400F, GV-SNVR0411, GV-SNVR1600
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[ SNVR ] SNVR1611, TDR4702, image orientation - 20220209

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How to rotate live view on SNVR?


Note this section is only applicable to GV-SNVR0411 / 0412 / 0811 / 0812 / 1611.

To rotate the image of a live or recorded video with the image orientation function, click the camera name of a desired camera, select Image Orientation and choose from one of the following options: Normal (Default), Horizontal Mirror, Vertical Flip or Rotate 180.

NOTE: The rotation only works on SNVR, it will not influence the live view of camera itself.

[ UVS - 202202075003 ] SNVR1611, TDR4702, image orientation
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