[Patch] V1.1.0.4

GV-AI FR V1.1 Patch file download
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[Patch] V1.1.0.4

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GV-AI FR V1.1.0.4 Patch information.

1. Chances of not working on the server using Intel Comet Lake (Patch V1.1.0.4)
2. Chances of not activating H.265 GPU decoding on the server using Intel Comet Lake / Tiger Lake (Patch V1.1.0.4)
3. Failure to launch the software in the CPU Mode (Patch V1.1.0.4)

*Note the Patch Files prefixed V1.1.0 are intended only for GV-AI FR V1.1.0 and cannot be used to update other versions of GV-AI FR.

Patch Link: ... .1.0.4.zip
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