[Technical Notice] Why GV-AI FR Cannot Perform Face Recognition

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[Technical Notice] Why GV-AI FR Cannot Perform Face Recognition

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Article ID: GV1-01-06-2
Released Date: 1/6/2021

Applied to
Software: GV-AI FR V1.0~V1.1

When your GV-AI FR cannot perform face recognition, please consider the following notices and adjust the settings accordingly.

1. Any IP cameras to be added to GV-AI FR must first to be set to a resolution of 2 MP or less.

2. When installing a camera at an exit,there must have another camera installed at the corresponding entrance. Based on the setting, GV-AI FR will be able to count the recognition events when a person recognized entering and then exiting the vicinity.
Door_Out_Setting.png (17.72 KiB) Viewed 1180 times

No real-time recognition events will be displayed in the FR List when the settings only contain an exit camera without an entrance camera.
FR_List.png (87.77 KiB) Viewed 1180 times

3. The dongle license is for activating face recognition on GV-AI FR. When the camera channels connected over the number of licenses purchased, some channels, even with live view displayed, won’t perform face recognition.
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