[ VMS ] How to setup e-mail notification in VMS? - 20191126

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[ VMS ] How to setup e-mail notification in VMS? - 20191126

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Setting up E-mail Notification:
Events that can be used to trigger e-mail notification include: Video Lost, Recording Error, Disk Full, Motion Detection, I/O Trigger, Intruder Event, Crowd Detection, Advanced Unattended Object, Advanced Scene Change Detection, Advanced Missing Object and Face Detection.

1. To receive e-mail notification(s) upon the occurrence of an event, click Home > Toolbar > Configure > System Configure > Send Alerts Approach Setup. The Alert Approach dialog box appears.

2. To enable e-mail notification, select Send Email > Email Setup. This dialog box appears.
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3. Under Mail Setup, type the host name of your outgoing mail server (SMTP), the sender’s e-mail address, recipients’ e-mail addresses and a subject for the e-mail notification. For For multiple recipients, add a semicolon between each e-mail address.

4. Click the Test Mail button to send a test e-mail and see whether the setup is correct. If the e-mail fails to send, you may need to check the following settings:
a. SMTP Mail Server requires authentication: If the SMTP mail server needs authentication for login, select this option and type your account name and password.
b. SMTP Server: Keep the default port 25 which is common for most SMTP servers. However, webmail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail generally use different SMTP port. In this case, check your e-mail provider for the SMTP port number. Select SSL or TLS if your e-mail server requires the SSL/TLS authentication for connection.
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