[ VMS ] VMS V16.11 Service Pack 3 - 20180607

GV-VMS v16.11
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[ VMS ] VMS V16.11 Service Pack 3 - 20180607

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Support New IP device
Bullet IP Camera (GV-ABL2701 / ABL4701 / BL2702-3V / BL2702-4V / BL2702-5V / BL4702 / BL4713 / BL5713)
Mini Fixed Rugged IP Dome (GV-ADR2701 / ADR4701)
Target Eyeball Dome (GV-EBD2702 / 4711)
Target Bullet Camera (GV-EBL2702 / 4702 / 4711 / 5101)
Target Mini Fixed Rugged Dome (GV-EDR2700)
Target Fixed Dome (GV-EFD2700)
Fisheye Camera (GV-EFER3700 / 3700-W)
Vandal Proof Dome (GV-VD2712 / 4702 / 4712 / 5702)
Video Server (GV-VS2401 / 21600)
OPAL Series (GV-OPAL E1)
Panoramic PTZ (GV-PPTZ14021 / 14031)
IR IP Speed Dome (GV-SD2723-IR / 2733-IR)

1. Fix the issue that there is a chance that VMS will miss recording under motion detection mode
2. Fix the issue that VMS live views record status does not change after a long period of time
3. With Pre-rec setting, there is a chance that recording might have duplicated event ID can cause VMS to delete wrong AVI files
4. If an IP device supports instant key that connects to VMS via smart stream or ONVIF, there is a chance that the software bug can cause VMS to miss recording.
5. GV-Nofity APP and GV-Cloud Center unable to query VMS playback due to the length of Cloud Center ID ( 32 Characters )
6. When Remote ViewLog is connecting to VMS and selecting the playback that is still recording, it can cause the VMS Camera DB to recognize the video as "Recording" status. And later, it will cause VMS not able to recycle that file.
7. When ASManager text overlay onto GV-VMS live views, and then Control Center connects to GV-VMS, text overlay won't be shown on Control Center Matrix main stream.
8. In GV-VMS local account setting, when setting playback limited time more than a day, there is a chance that user could encounter no playback issue when switching between different dates.
9. Fix when Windows UAC settings cause GV-VMS not having the privilege to remember the burning software path
10. Fix when VMS connects to CenterV2, there is a chance that VMS I/O status does not match CenterV2's I/O status.
11. Fix there is a chance that remote software live view flash green or gray due to slow data transmission, and possible dropping frame issue after a long period of time.

Note: Service Pack 3 also includes Service Pack 1 & 2, so no need to apply Service Pack 1 & 2

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Note: You can also upgrade to GV-VMS V17.1
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